A Christmas Carol

I redesigned the cover/title-page for “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.
The illustration is hand-drawn with traditional pen and ink, and illustrates objects, characters and themes explored in the book, through symbolic images.
 When reading the book, the description of the chain of Marley’s ghost that comes and visitis Scrooge, really spoke to me, and I wanted to explore this idea further. The concept that one has to drag along their wrongdoings and character flaws with them, as part of a heavy metal chain, is something I wanted to visualise for the character of Scrooge.
The Doorknocker of Marley’s face representing his colluege, and Scrooge’s grave foretelling the possibility of ending up the same way. There are old schoolbooks representing Scrooge’s childhood, the coal-box to show he is tightfisted, a moneybox to visualise his greed, and locks and keys to show his closed-off nature. There is an old clock that tells us it’s 1 o’clock, which is the time at night the ghosts come to visit, and a candle that Scrooge clings on to.The three chains circling around the border, represent the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Then there are crutches representing Tiny Tim, and moth eaten gloves representing Bob Cratchit. Finally, Holly, Christmas Pudding, Mistletoe and the big Christmas Turkey can be seen, showing there is kindness in Scrooge after all.
IMG_8521 IMG_8522
By Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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