ADIDAS – Recycled Paper Artwork

My recycled paper-artwork for Adidas is now on display in their flagship store on Oxford Street! The project was all about reducing waste and recycling leftover materials into something new.
The piece is a portrait of Stan Smith, existing of 9 handmade sheets of paper, alongside an artist bio and an iPad with a behind the scenes video timelapse showing how I made it.
This was a fantastic project to do, as I was given pretty much free reign with the creative process and final look of the piece, being given complete trust by the client, which was an incredible way of working! I’ve been making recycled paper art pieces from paper leftovers and offcuts from my previous projects for several years now, so it’s very rewarding to get a commission for something that was truly personally developed! It was incredibly satisfying blending my own colours to create the perfect shades of green, and the paper making process was very therapeutic.

By Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Client: @adidas 
Agent: @pocko 
Paper supplier: @gfsmithpapers

The Making Of:

For the full making-of process and behind the scenes photos and videos
check instagram: @Annemarieke.Kloosterhof