Art Direction – ‘Semi Skimmed’ – Short Film

‘Semi Skimmed’ is a new Short Film by Director James Soldan, starring Tony Award winning actor Alex Sharp.
It was filmed mid-late January 2018 and is currently in Post-Production.

Semi Skimmed is a short comedy about a layabout 20 something called Joel (Alex Sharp) who struggles to move on after a holiday romance. A voicemail from the girl in question (Dandan Liu) provides a ray of hope but there’s one problem; Joel can’t understand a word Jing Fei is saying…

I was asked to come on board as Art Director on Semi Skimmed, to help plan, visualise and build the worlds of the 2 main characters:
The dusty, old fashioned home of Joel (which he inherited from his grandmother) and the fantastical, dreamlike & hyper stylised studio builds for Jing Fei’s scenes (which are mere fantasies formed only in Joel’s mind).

Once completed, Semi Skimmed will hit the Film Festival circuit, after which it is aimed to be published online. Until then: below are some Behind-The-Scenes photographs I took of the different sets I made.

Director: James Soldan,
Producers: James Lawton & Rob Jelley,
DOP’s: Davey Gilder & Ian Forbes
Art Director: Annemarieke Kloosterhof

The House





The Studio

BTS Theatrical


BTS Hillside


BTS Phonecall


BTS Photography by Annemarieke Kloosterhof

Final film & stills to follow…

Special Thanks to my Art Department Assistants:
Adriana Hervas (Assistant Art Director)
Tor Richards, Lucy McLeod and Freya Newmarch