Lush, Window Display – Assistant to Owen Gildersleeve

Self Preserving – Lush

Paper-Artist Owen Gildersleeve hired me to assist him with creating a paper-craft window display for Lush.

The project involved creating a large-scale moving window display for their flagship Oxford Street store, a set of fifteen smaller displays for their top European stores and a handcut layered artwork to be used in all their 300 European stores and online.
I assisted for the full duration of the project, which took just over a month from start to finish, and I assisted Owen with the making, construction and installation of the paper flowers for the European window displays as the main display in London, Oxford Street.

Lush Self Preserving Paper-Art Campaign: Owen Gildersleeve
Original Illustrations: Charlotte Day
Electronics & 3D Design: Thomas Forsyth

I claim no ownership of any of the artwork nor photos