Book Art Series

Books which were never read, given a new life as an Artwork.
They are all cut, assembled or build on old vintage books.
On average, each piece takes about 25 hours to make.

*All rights reserved, please do not use these pictures without my permission.*

 A Story Behind Lock and Key

 Book-Art 7

Book-Art 7 Poem

Book-Art 7 night

Roads, Rivers and Railway Tracks

Book-Art 6


Master Humphrey’s Clock

Book-Art 5

Book-Art 5 close up

The Smell of Literature

Book-Art 4

Book-Art 013

Stairs of Improvement

Book-Art 3

The growth of Alfabetism

Book-Art 2

Book-Art 2 from above

Theatre Set

da 147

All rights reserved by Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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