Digital Doppelgänger collage series


A friend of mine told me they swore they found my twin on social media. I looked up the girl they thought was me, and was shocked by the resemblance of my doppelgänger.

I decided to create a series of collages exploring the themes of copies, identity and originality, and tried to merge photos of myself and my digital doppelgänger as so to create a 3rd alternative identity that was neither her nor me, yet represented both of us at the same time. I played with the concept of ‘copy’ more and more, and where I started with digital collaging, I ended up experimenting with every form of ‘copying’ possible.
The outcome is a series of patterns that exist of collaged portraits, distorted through weaving, scanning, collaging, copying and multiplying – merging both individuals until they become indistinguishable.

(Special thanks to the ‘face recognition’ software that failed to differentiate myself from my doppelgänger, proving my collage project to be successful.)

Printed photographs weaved into paper-collages.

Collages copy

collage1 back

Digital-copy of the weaved photo collages

Collage 1 double  collage 2 double
Collage3 double

Further collaged image of the original paper-collage


Collages turned into endless patterns



Final Patterns

A3 Pattern Collage 3


A3 collage 4


A3 Pattern Collage2-001


A3 Pattern Collage1

Making of:





All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof


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