Edible Idioms


Three Still-Life’s, created completely by hand using only coloured paper, a scalpel and glue. 
The paper-sets visualise the collaboration of idioms of the Dutch and the English language.  Every set illustrates two idioms, one of each language, that mean the same thing, but use completely different words.

Idioms Final Monkeysandwich Idioms final piece of cakeIdiom final medicine cookie

Eng: “A cock and bull story”  + NL: “Een broodje aap” (A monkey Sandwhich).
Meaning: a load of rubbish, an untrue fact or story.Yellow:

Eng: “To taste ones own medicine” + NL: “Een koekje van eigen deeg”  (A biscuit of ones own dough)
Meaning: The same unpleasent result, treatment or outcome that you gave to other people.

Eng: “Piece of cake” + NL: “Appeltje, Eitje” (Apple and Egg)
Meaning: Very simple and straight forward, easily doable.

Paper ingredients:

Red: “To taste once own medicine.”
Blue: “Cock and bull story”
Yellow: “Piece of cake”


Final three editorial images:

Paper Idioms food final photos3

All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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