Edible Idioms


Three Still-Life’s, created completely by hand using only coloured paper, a scalpel and glue. 
The paper-props visualise the collaboration of idioms of the Dutch & the English language.  Every set illustrates two idioms, one of each language, that mean the same thing but use completely different words.


Idioms Final Monkeysandwich

English : “A cock and bull story”  + Dutch: “Een broodje aap” (A monkey Sandwich).
Meaning: a load of rubbish, an untrue fact or story.


Idioms final piece of cake

Eng: “Piece of cake” + NL: “Appeltje, Eitje” (Apple & Egg)
Meaning: Very simple and straight forward, easily doable.


Idiom final medicine cookie


English: “To taste ones own medicine” + Dutch: “Een koekje van eigen deeg”
(A biscuit of ones own dough)
Meaning: The same unpleasant result, treatment or outcome that you gave to other people.


Paper ingredients:

Red: “To taste once own medicine.”
Blue: “Cock and bull story”
Yellow: “Piece of cake”




Final three editorial images:

Paper Idioms food final photos3



All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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