Paper Self-Portraits series

A series of 4 self-portraits, all created using different techniques of paper-art. 
1. Current self-portrait: paper-collage created from torn Tea-bags.
2. Faceless self-portrait: paper cutting of sound waves cut by hand from my passport.
3. Cultural self-portrait: paper-cutting of the Dutch Identity, cut a sheet of orange paper.
4. Future self-portrait: paper-cutting of a geometric grid-like face, cut by hand from a hand painted sheet of watercolour-paper. 
Current Self-Portrait
Self Portrait created entirely out of paper teabags.
The colour orange portrays my Dutch nationality that is slowly starting to change the longer I’ve been living in London.Pickwick Tea flavours used:
Rooibos, Forest Fruits, Blueberry, Orange, Dutch Tea Blend, Mango, Lemon, Zoethout, Cinnamon, Minty Marocco, Peach, Sterremunt, Strawberry, Winterglow and many more.
October 2014

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Cultural Self-Portrait
A paper ship, cut by hand, out of a single piece of orange paper, symbolising the Dutch culture; The stereotypical view people have of The Dutch, both good and bad, true and false, and the prejudice that comes with them.
Inside the ship, dozens of symbols and icons representing characteristics, historical events and cultural objects of The Dutch can be found – both with positive and negative associations, that we have to cary with us wherever we go.
IMG_5513IMG_5517 Oranje binnenkant

Faceless Self-Portrait
Paper-cutting excisting of sound-waves, taken from the voices of friends and familiy describing my personality, traits, memories and habits. The sound waves are cut by hand out of my passport, portraying the difference between social identity and legal identity.
Size: A3  made October 2014.

Future Self-Portrait
An abstract portrait depicting a face of the unknown.
Little paths going left, right, up and down. Some cross eachother, others have dead-ends, all coming together in the middle, creating a portrait.
Handcut from white paper stained with East-Indian-Ink.
Size: A3  made October 2014.
All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof