Les Enfants – Paper Set Design

Paper-Set and Prop work I made for ‘Les Enfant’s photoshoot.
The editorial pictures got published in the magazine ‘Hooligans’ and my paper-dollhouse was featured on the back-cover of the magazine. 

The paper-mural consists of over 200 handmade paper crystals in a range of colours and sizes, that have been hand painted, speckled, cut, folded and glued into place.

The Paper-Dollhouse is 85 cm tall and 45 cm wide, with small detailed windows and a functioning paper-door. When placing a light behind the house, the see-through  windows will light-up.

Completely made by hand.

*Both are available for hire, please email for more details*







Paper Craft Props &Set Design – Annemarieke Kloosterhof
“Kids Party Planners” Photoshoot for: Les Enfants
Photographer: Hannah Coates
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson
Hair & Makeup: Rachel Louise Jones

Published in ‘Hooligans’ magazine, October 2016 Issue Nr.10

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