NOEL – Paper Alphabet

noel 5 copy


I was commissioned alongside 25 other paper-artist from 12 different countries to create one letter of the alphabet, and the challenge was to create said letter using only 3 specific colours of paper. None of us knew which letter or colour palette we would get, until we received the papers, ensuring the final outcome of the project would be a surprise for everyone involved, including ourselves.

The project was organised by The Paper Artist Collective – (an organisation representing 100 paper-craft artists across the globe, of which I am 1)  – in collaboration with Senses Paper, who supplied the materials and set the challenge.

I received a very Christmassy colourscheme of green, red and burgundy  – alongside a note that said I was challenged to make the letter “N”… so “Nöel”  seemed the perfect fit!



Work in progress: 

WIP copy



Final paper alphabet : 




Photography & Paper-craft of letter “N” by me.
All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof  & respective artists.