Paper Collage series “Abstract Architecture” – for CJCT

Whilst working as the Creative Manager at architecture company ‘Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher’ (CJCT) , I got given the freedom to create 3 art-pieces for the office lounge, with the aim to impress prospective clients by showcasing the company’s most important buildings in an abstract and creative way. 

3 Artworks for Frame

Rather than just framing black and white photographs of the schemes the company designed, I decided to create a series of multilayered Paper-Collage illustrations, in an abstract yet slightly 3D aesthetic. Working together with both CJCT’s Director of Interior Design & Director of Architecture, we selected the 3 most important buildings to take/edit photographs of and turn into paper-art pieces:
The most current interior design project, the most current architecture project, and one of the recent award winning schemes.

I designed abstract illustrations based on imagery of each chosen building, which were then turned into mutli-layered paper-craft pieces. Each artwork contains the same set of 7 different shades of grey paper, but due to the collage layering (with some as many as 28 different layers per building) it makes it look like a lot more!

Work- In-Progress:



Candle House:

Candle House Full Edited cropped copy






Interior Design, Judd Street:

Judd Street Full Edited cropped copy






Perfume Factory:

Perfume Factory Full Edited cropped copy





Perfume Factory Paper-Artwork copy

All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Architectural Design – Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher


The original Paper-Craft framed artworks can be admired in the London office of CJCT.