Paper-Cut MRI Brain Scan



A multi-layered Paper Cutting depicting an MRI scan, based on a real human brain.

The piece exists of 8 layers of cut paper in a range of blue tones, layered up to create one piece. Using real MRI footage and medical technology, the paper cutting was aimed to be as true to life as possible, yet allowing room for artistic license.

The similarities between paper-cutting with a scalpel, and doing surgical operations with a scalpel really intrigued me – and that was part of the reason for creating this piece.

This multi-layered piece is an anatomical illustration representing an MRI-scan of someone suffering from Dementia. Pieces of the memory are, quite literally, cut away and leave empty spaces in the owner’s mind, symbolising the loss of memories that can no longer be obtained.













All Rights Reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof