Paper Cuttings

“Faceless Selfportrait”
Paper-cutting excisting of sound-waves, taken from the voices of friends and familiy describing my personality, traits, memories and habits. The sound waves are cut by hand out of my passport, portraying the difference between social identity and legal identity.
October 2014. Size: A3

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A pair of lungs showing an intricate network of veins,
in which 14 tiny birds are hiding.
Hand-cut from red ink & watercolor splattered paper.
January 2014.



“Dame Maggie Smith”
Hand-cut from white paper on a black background.
April 2013

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Dame Maggie Smith
“Pickwick Packaging Design”
Hand-cut from white paper.
The background colour of the box would depend on the flavour of the tea.
e.g. English Tea Blend is dark green, Lemon is yellow, Strawberry is red etc.
July 2013
“Sleeping Beauty”
Hand-cut from ink & watercolour stained paper.
August 2012

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“Sleeping Beauty”
Hand-cut from ink & watercolour stained paper.
August 2012

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Sprookjes-knipkunst 008

“6th of August”
Wedding present for Lianna Filbey and Martyn Leigh.
Hand-cut from white paper on a green and blue ink stained background.
July 2011

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“Willem van Oranje”
The first ever Dutch posted stamp recreated as a paper cutting.
Hand-cut from white Paper on a brown ink & watercolour stained background.
July 2011


“Enhanced Creatures”
12 hybrid butterflies pinned down in a wooden box-frame.
Hand-cut Butterflies drawn with coloured pencils.
The mechanical parts are hand-cut.
May 2013

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(The back of the butterflies clearly showing the intricate paper cutting details. )

“Dear Polly”
Birthday card hand-cut from light blue paper on a dark blue background.
February 2014

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“Good things come to those who write”
Notebooks with a papercut cover on a tea-stained background.
There was a total 6 hand-cut notebooks made, 1 is still available.
December 2012

-For Sale-
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