Paper Illustration Campaign

I was commissioned by a fortune 500 company to create their full digital, online and print campaign for 2020! The project took nearly 3 months from start to finish, and was created during London’s lockdown. The campaign contained over 50+ paper-cut illustrations, icons and characters, which were drawn by hand, digitally mocked up, paper-cut and assembled, then photographed and edited as the final library of illustrations, which were then animated by the client for online use.

A small number of the final paper-cut illustrations are highlighted below.

The majority of this project was carried out whilst working from home due to the global pandemic, and therefor an additional batch of illustrations was to reflect this. I worked closely together with the creative team to adapt to the current climate and make creative changes where needed to be as inclusive & considerate as possible to the client’s target audience, most of whom would also be working from home.

– Development –

Every icon, illustration and composition was first sketched by hand in pencil. This was both done because it was a quick way to get rough ideas on paper for the client to approve, as well as a way to create more organic hand-drawn shapes and lines, which would then be easy to follow in the paper-cut stage.

Initial development sketches

– Work in Progress –

All illustrations were made up of real paper-cut objects, characters and environments which were created by hand and then photographed to create the final illustrations.

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