Pirate Island – Paper craft

“Pirate Island” a paper-craft collaboration done with Russian photographer Dina Belenko.
We wanted to do a project together that would fuse my paper craft and illustration work with Dina’s still-life photography. Together we worked on concept art, sketches and mockups until we were happy with the design. As Dina is based in Russia and I am based in London, all communication had to be done digitally. I started by making the paper elements and send her the designs so she could re-create them at her end. After months of sketching, crafting, emailing and photographing we finally ended up with both our version of the same Paper Island. Mine in London, focussing on the paper craft details, and hers in Russia focussing on her signature photography magic.




Night (Dina Belenko) and Day (Annemarieke Kloosterhof)


Close-ups and Details








All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof