“Primary” – Paper still-life series

A series of 6 paper-craft still life images, for Arctic Paper & The Paper Artist Collective, exploring the 3 primary colours: red, yellow and blue, in collaboration with still-life photographer Nick Dunne.

The project is a depiction of a real passion of mine, which is spotting the 3 primary colours in the wild (eg a red, yellow and blue car waiting neatly in line at a trafficlight.)

In a way to celebrate the root of all colour-mixing, the foundation of minimalist art and with a wink to Piet Mondrian – I created a series of paper-craft “Arts & Crafts” props, with child-like innocence, illustrating the start of all creativity… hence the title “Primary”.


Art Direction & Paper-craft Set Design by Annemarieke Kloosterhof.
Still-life photography by Nick Dunne at Studio 59. Retouching by Pink Studio US



Shot 3


Shot 2


Shot 4


Shot 1


Shot 5


Shot 6



All 6 images: 




Close ups: 

Landscape Watercolour



Landscape Cans Stackjpg



Landscape Pots



Landscape ALL



Landscape Strokes




Work in progress: 




All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof & Nick Dunne