“Speel-Goed” 3D Paper-Pulp Artwork

This is my largest recycled paper artwork thus far.
It is a 3D/sculptural art piece of 90 by 60 cm.  

The title of the piece “Speel-Goed” is a play on words between the Dutch “Speelgoed” which means Toys (or quite literally play-ware) and “Spelen” which means “to play” + “Goed” which means “good/well”… encouraging the viewer “to go and play well.”  (Basically my motto for life – just enjoy it and have a play!)

This was a very fun and experimental piece and I’ve made notes on all my discoveries and tips and tricks with my paper pulp technique.
If you’re curious to learn how I build this piece, have a look on my Patreon where I’ve shared the full project, with behind the scenes and step by step progress photos and a time-lapse video.

All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof