The 6 of Diamonds

I had been shortlisted by Playing Arts to create the visual for the 6th of diamonds, one of the 54 cards in this creative deck, each of which designed by a different artist across the world. The theme for this year’s pack is “100 years into the future”, which seemed difficult to envision in the middle of a global pandemic. I decided to focus my image on the only real concrete thing I could think of – a home…  And in particular the presence of architecture during a rise of multi-purpose buildings inhabited by diverse communities.

With the population growing and humans living longer I think cities will expand and we will take to the skies for housing, building clusters of high-rise residential flats as little islands of communities, with cities that never sleep and a constant buzz of excitement and opportunity.

As a lover of symbolism, I tried to incorporate the diamond shape as well as the number 6 in a variety of ways throughout the design.


6th of Diamond floating city





The making of:







By Annemarieke Kloosterhof