The Storyteller – Short film

Head of Illustration: Annemarieke Kloosterhof

Short-film by Emanuel Pictures, expected July 2016.


The Storyteller is a magical realism drama, centring on Terrick Mitchell, a London black cab driver who has lost access to his children. Terrick is not satisfied with playing a bit-part role in the upbringing of Bruno, 8 and Sasha, 6, determined to educate and inspire them with traditional folklore from his native Ghana. Spinning colourful stories of Anansi the spider and the world of Ashanti folklore, Terrick’s boundaries between fantasy and reality soon begin to blur. After breaking into his ex-partner’s house, Terrick stands over his sleeping children, faced with a decision that will change his life forever.

Cast: Okezie Morro, Manie Malone, Rio Chambers, Nyah Felix


 Film Stills:

1 - Establisher 2 - Letter 3 - Lion Letter  5 - Hornet 6 - Profile 7 - Fairy 8 - Grasshopper

More coming soon!

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