“Vital” Anatomical Paper-cutting Series


A series of paper-cuttings depicting human organs and body parts that symbolise chronic diseases, malfunctions or infections.

Trying to capture the essence of the different diseases people struggle with, and the feeling it gives them, hiding amongst the delicate veins are animals and insects to be found, portraying the delicacy of the human body and its vital organs.

Vital is a personal project and an ongoing series, currently existing of 3 handcut pieces.


Nr.3  “Nest” 

A surrealistic depiction of the woman’s reproductive system.
Though the womb is empty, the ovaries both host a nest of eggs.

Cut by hand from 1 single piece of paper that was painted and splattered with red paint.
The piece was created for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in March 2018, as a way of illustrating the impact the disease has, both physically and emotionally.

Made March 2018

NEST - HR- Bewerkt

NEST 3 - HR - Bewerkt

NEST 2 - HR - Bewerkt

NEST 6 - HR - Bewerkt

NEST 5 - HR - Bewerkt

NEST 7 - HR - Bewerkt

Nr.2  “Pace” 

Where ‘Oxygen’ explored the topic of Asthma, ‘Pace’ symbolises people with Heart Diseases and their fragile state of life. Hidden amongst the veins of the surrealistic ‘anatomically correct’ heart, one can spot 14 insects; 3 cocoons, 5 caterpillars and 6 moths, representing the cycle of life, and how it all stops and starts with The Heart.
Hand-cut from a single sheet of painted, dyed and splattered paper.

Approximately 20 by 15 cm in size.

Made July 2015Pace



Nr.1  “Oxygen” 

A surrealistic depiction of a pair of lungs, in which 14 tiny birds are hiding behind intricate branches. Cut by hand from 1 single piece of dyed, painted and splattered paper.

The birds hiding amongst the veins symbolise the sound of a pair of lungs when someone suffers from Asthma and has difficulty breathing. Placing the birds on the veins as if the lungs are an upside-down tree, creates the contrast of lack of oxygen Asthma-patients face.

Made January 2014

-Sold to a Lung-doctor who suffers from Asthma-

Longen volledig KR

Een kant long

Long detail

Long midden


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