“Viva La Vulva” – Libresse commercial – Paper Craft

Libresse Ad Campaign “Viva La Vulva” directed by Kim Gehring.

I was approached by Production Designer Marie Lena to come onboard this project as Paper-Craft Artist, creating ‘vulva’ inspired paper props and sets that could be animated to the lyrics of the music… aka a “Lip-sync”.

Some of the paper elements I made that were featured in the ad campaign are:
multiple origami-vulvas in all different shapes, colours and sizes, some experimental paper fortune-tellers, a vulva stop-motion and even a massive paper-craft vulva tunnel.

– Sound on for this one –


Multi-layered Paper Vulva



Paper Vulva A4 - Annemarieke Kloosterhof


Screenshots of featured paper elements






Paper-Craft work all rights reserved Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Ad campaign footage – all rights reserved SomeSuch and Co / Libresse