Vogue China – Assistant, The Makerie Studio

Vogue China 10th Anniversary

For the 10th anniversary of Vogue China, the Makerie Studio was commissioned for 8 page-spreads, to create Paper-sets and backgrounds, for a beauty product photoshoot. 
I was hired by Co-Director Joyanne Horsecroft as a Freelance-Assistant to help her create the paper-flowers and objects, as well as be present on the shoot.
I assisted with installing the paper ‘props’ and backgrounds, helped with the composition of the products and the layout of the sets.
Photographer: Barbara Donninelli

All rights reserved: The Makerie Studio

Animation by Barbara Donninelli
The talented Barbara Donninelli, who was the photographer of the shoot, turned the paper-sets made by The Makerie Studio into an animation. The animation was featured on the website of Vogue China during their 10th anniversary, while the accompanying 8 page-spreads were published in the Vogue China October issue.
I do not claim to own any of the rights to the animation.

All rights reserved: Barbara Donninelli

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