Watches of Switzerland – Assistant, The Makerie Studio

Assistant to Co-Director Joyanne Horsecroft- The Makerie Studio:
October 2014

For Watches of Switzerland’s Summer Flagship Windows on Regent Street, London, The Makerie Studio created a tiding of life-sized iridescent paper magpies, perched on a number of stands and gold and black cages in the store. The magpies played and interacted with the precious watches and jewels in the store, carrying them in their beaks and placing them in custom-made nests.
I helped creating the 40+ paper-birds and assisted the Co-Director of The Makerie Studio, Joyanne Horsecroft, with installing the window display at Watches of Switzerland.
Photographer: Melvyn Vincent



  1407WoSwiss_25  1407WoSwiss_14  9dbdc183c1484d4197befc7d6ccc853d

All rights reserved to The Makerie Studio

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