“Wheel of Misfortune” – Paper Illustration

The Wheel of Misfortune

A personal project in response to the utter circus that is “Brexit”.




I made a satirical political paper-cut illustration which features the continuous spinning wheel of a Deal or No Deal scenario, as we are – still – wait for the results to come in.
Incorporating the colours & design of the EU flag with the British one, creating a poppy colourful contrast – the aim of this illustration was to create a light hearted illustration to poke fun of this very frustrating time… Let’s see if the arrow actually lands somewhere now.

This image was printed and used as signage and protest boards during the protest-march in London, March 2019 – which lured nearly a million people to the Houses of  Parlement.


Making of:


If you want to use this image in an online publication, book or newspaper article please enquire via email.  All rights reserved – Annemarieke Kloosterhof