Where’s Willem?

Where's Willem? - small res, Annemarieke Kloosterhof

Hyper detailed A1 poster illustration, depicting Dutch scenes on National Holidays like Kingsday, and football during the World Cup and the Euro Cup, explaining the Dutch Culture and visual identity, through the “Orange Craze”.
Can you spot Willem van Oranje, the man who started it all?
And while you’re looking, can you spot Van Persie doing his famous dive-header? Or Vincent van Gogh with his bright orange hair? The Royal Family, The statue De Naald remembering Queensday 2009, or of course the legends of Oranje 74′ that started Total Football?

Camping copy
De Hems

De Naald copy copy
Koningshuis copy

Molen copy

Kroon Polonaise

TVscherm voetbal copy Vliegtuig Voetbalvlag copy

Signed posters A2 or A1 are for sale, email for more info.

Where's Willem logo

By Annemarieke Kloosterhof

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